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Hartford-Village Green, CT

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Welcome to the Village Green Project

a research effort to discover new ways of measuring air quality and weather conditions in community environments.

Measuring and communicating on-the-spot air quality and weather conditions for research and awareness

Developing small and rugged data collection systems that can be powered by the wind and sun

Partnering with communities to pilot test the new technology in outdoor community spaces.

About Village Green

The Village Green project is a community-based activity to demonstrate the capabilities of new real-time monitoring technology for residents and citizen scientists to learn about local air quality. The goal of the project is to provide the public and their communities with information previously not available about their local air quality and engage communities in air pollution awareness.
A pilot station in Durham, NC has demonstrated the air monitoring station's ability to monitor several common air pollutants in real-time and make the data available online and by smartphone. The Village Green Project is expanding to five other locations across the U.S. to evaluate the station's operation under different weather conditions and to increase awareness of the availability of this new community-based air pollution measurement system. Each station provides minute-to-minute air measurements for ozone, particulate matter, and weather data to the public online. The measurements are streamed to the AirNow Web site.

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